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The Rotary Club of High Wycombe car event


The Rotary Club of High Wycombe planned an ambitious event to raise funds for local charities, that involved allowing classic and modern performance cars to use a runway to test their speed and entertain fee paying public.

Our specialist safety advisor worked with them through planning to event delivery, taking care of issues around performance cars, public attendees,  vehicle speed, children and all with the added complexity of a live airpark in operation!

The outcome was an awesome event, where the cars were shown to the best of their abilities and was lots of fun for all.


We're very proud to work with our clients. Below is a selection of the projects and events that we've delivered. Contact us today to discuss your safety and rescue requirements in more detail and how RAMSS can support you.

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Rotary could not have undertaken this event with such professional help. The knowledge that we were fully compliant and that he made sure we did not overlook anything was comforting, allowing us to do what we needed to do: put on an event with fast cars and raise money.


Chris, Rotary Club Organiser

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Kaya festival was held at Margam Park, Wales to bring together up to 5000 people to enjoy live music, children’s activities and more with a focus on world music.  Margam park is a large venue and includes a lake, such that additional care is needed especially in the early hours of the morning when people are returning to camping area.

We provided risk assessment, event safety plan and full pre and on event safety coordination.  This included last minute updates when public access rights to the area were discovered during build days.  We provided and coordinated a full service including safety advisor, paramedic led first aid/medical service, welfare team for children and adults, water rescue and fire services.

The outcome was a trouble free event enjoyed by all and a seamless service that let the Festival organisers enjoy themselves and not having to worry.

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The service we received from the safety advisor and his team was awesome. We could not have been able to plan, organise and carry out this event without his expert help. 

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A concert


How the Light Gets in a festival based on philosophy and discussion, with various live music stages at a historic London venue. Aside from the intricacies of a hosting at a listed building, the main site was accessible by the public throughout and also surrounded by houses.

From inception capacity calculation, to preparing event safety management plan our safety advisor led the delivery and we provided to the event: safety advisor, noise management consultant, security, stewarding, paramedic led medical services all via our specialist teams.

The outcome was a great event, enjoyed by all and with all safety and noise managed to standards.

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We were contact by a local Athletics club as they wanted to review their medical cover.  We discussed their requirement and put in place a bespoke plan for their needs , which could be expanded when required for major events such as County finals.

We have now worked with them for several years and delivered swift medical assistance including responding to several unfortunate severe injuries sustained during competitions.

Athletics track
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